About me

I’m addicted to taking pictures and so I’m constantly working on personal projects, often simultaneously. #OneManAndHisPEN is the Monika I use for personal work. It’s everything I shoot on my Olympus PEN digital cameras, namely the PEN E-P5 and the PEN F.

On my travels, whether work or play, I make time to capture the moments I’d like to take back with me. Once I return I decide whether they are mini city stories or part of a larger concept. Like most photographers’ I follow the traditional philosophies of light, shapes and Space, they are the basic ingredients that fuel my passion for photography.

My professional background is about average, portrait and fashion with the last 10 years or so moving into advertising and architecture. The latter has always been evident in my work, regardless of genre. I’m an Olympus Mentor and have been associated with the brand for over 20 years. This was thanks to 2 friends, Colin Steven and Rachel Patey who ran Knowledge Magazine, a modest but influential dance music publication. I photographed artist and events for them for more years than I can remember and shared some memorable times.

I currently lecture Photography and Creative Digital Media Production at Windsor College (formally East Berkshire College) in Windsor, Berkshire whilst freelancing in photography when I can. I’m also working on a Photography project with my son #OneBoyAndHisPEN who, at the time of writing this, is 8 years old and also shoots with an Olympus PEN F.

I hope you enjoy the memories and moments I’ll be posting here. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share if the mood takes you.

Stay inspired,

R.Cleveland Aaron.