Shapes From The Street

Shapes From The Street is one of many ongoing projects. It’s a curious combination of Street Photography and Architectural appreciation, with a side order of Minimalism. It started as a simple composition exercise and evolved into a study on how we use public spaces in cities. The three ingredients that forms the concept is Light, Shapes and Space. For this reason the majority of the images were shot using the Monochrome Profile function on my Olympus PEN F.  I can simplify most scenes and the composition due to the absence of colour, which I find a bit of a distraction.


The first collection of images were exhibited at the Art Bermondsey Project Space in London SE1 and later compiled into a book project, which can be purchased online at




A Photo-junkie taking pics like it's a matter of Light and Depth. College Lecturer inspiring the next generation of image makers armed only with knowledge, experience and a tonne of passion!