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Art Deco Africa

Africa hosts an insane number of Art Deco Architecture. Durban is home to the lion's share. My focus is Maputo, formally known as Lourenço Marques, and the capital of Mozambique. I went there a few years ago for a commission with a journalist and a Mozambique government official. In my spare time, I stroll around the city looking for these remarkably built structures, which once represented modernism and luxury. Today however, most stood in ruins only displaying hints of their past elegance

Airports and Train Stations

Rush hour in Vienna 7 Hours in Köln Airport March 2015. I spent time in this airport trying to forget the terrible tragedy that had occurred. My flight was severely delayed due to the German Wings aircraft that crashed somewhere in the French Alps. For hours we were kept in the dark over what happened, until the news was being received via passengers mobile devices. I reacted the only way I could, by sparing a thought to those who lost their lives and taking pictures as

Shapes From The Street

Shapes From The Street is one of many ongoing projects. It's a curious combination of Street Photography and Architectural appreciation, with a side order of Minimalism. It started as a simple composition exercise and evolved into a study on how we use public spaces in cities. The three ingredients that forms the concept is Light, Shapes and Space. For this reason the majority of the images were shot using the Monochrome Profile function on my Olympus PEN F.  I can simplify most scenes and the

From The Ground Up

From The Ground up is a Renovation Project that I'm collaborating on with Interior Architect/Designer Fay Markopoulou. The concept of this instalment is to document a renovation through the people who's challenge is to turn a blueprint into a home. In this case builders, House of Blake. Over the next few months I'll be getting to know the various teams of workers and hopefully they'll be up for getting to know me!