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Art Deco Africa

Africa hosts an insane number of Art Deco Architecture. Durban is home to the lion's share. My focus is Maputo, formally known as Lourenço Marques, and the capital of Mozambique. I went there a few years ago for a commission with a journalist and a Mozambique government official. In my spare time, I stroll around the city looking for these remarkably built structures, which once represented modernism and luxury. Today however, most stood in ruins only displaying hints of their past elegance

120 Hours in India

    This project was the brainchild of Shaloo and Adhish Kulkarni, the parents of a 9 year old boy I tutored in photography. They organised a trip to India so that he could work on his project 'Faces' in their ancestral home. As supporters of the charity Smile Train, they also arranged for him to visit Sant Parmanand Hospital in Delhi and photograph some of the children who were born with Cleft palate. The treatment is carried out by Dr. S.C. Sood and his staff and funded by