Art Deco Africa

Africa hosts an insane number of Art Deco Architecture. Durban is home to the lion’s share. My focus is Maputo, formally known as Lourenço Marques, and the capital of Mozambique. I went there a few years ago for a commission with a journalist and a Mozambique government official. In my spare time, I stroll around the city looking for these remarkably built structures, which once represented modernism and luxury. Today however, most stood in ruins only displaying hints of their past elegance (Image above Hôpital Central de Maputo).

Escola Nacional De Música. One of the better kept buildings on my list. It’s amazingly difficult to find information on some of these structures, but needless to say, this one is still being used as a music today. Check their Facebook page

Casa Coimbra in Maputo’s KaMpfumo Muncipal District.

The above buildings still held hints of their previous decadence. I feel something should be done to restore and preserve them. Unfortunately this is the architecture lover speaking, not the other who totally understands what these buildings represent.

The Prédio Rubi Building was apparently the tallest building in the city. This is only thing I can find out about this huge treasure, until I can get to a library.

Clube Ferroviario 2011

I was really impressed with this building. I had a chance meeting with local photographer Filipe Branquinho. He took me across the city to visit Clube Ferroviario. As he was shooting a portrait there, I was able to roam the building hassle free.

Clube Ferroviario interior detail 01
Clube Ferroviario interior detail
Clube Ferroviario interior Gym

Cinema Scala Maputo 2011
Images taken inside the Cinema Scale Building

Catedral de Maputo at night
Catedral de Maputo 2011
Catedral de Maputo - Front and aerial view
Catedral de Maputo Inside

These last two images shows the colours and structures are still strong features of these buildings.

I really feel a trip back to Maputo is warranted, and with any luck I’ll get back there.


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